Porting Guide for NXPNCI-KDS_Example_KSDK2.2

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This porting guide is for FRDM-K82F, and it can also be used for any other platform supported by KSDK 2.2.


The released NXPNCI-KDS_Example_KSDK2.2 is based on FRDM-K64F, so before porting, we need to configure and download KSDK 2.2 for FRDM-K82F.

Please make sure you have selected Kinetis Design Studio before downloading.


After downloading, extract the package to some folder like below:


and change PROJECT_KSDK_PATH to this folder:


Change project settings as below:


Remove all files in the folder of drivers, and import new source files as below:

and similar procedure for "startup" folder and "utilities" folder:

Replace the source files in board folder with the files from some ksdk demo like hello_world:


FRDM-K82F uses PTC3 for NCI_IRQ pin, PTC9 for NCI_VEN pin, and PTA1 and PTA2(I2C3) as the I2C interface. so add definition in board.c and modify BOARD_InitPins() as below:



Change linker settings:



-Debug settings


-Test Result: