HOWTO: Setup S32V234 EVB for debugging with S32DS for Vision and Linux BSP

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Before you can start debugging an S32DS for Vision project for S32V234 Cortex-A53 APEX2/ISP Linux target on the S32V234-EVB, we must first setup the hardware connections and start the Linux BSP OS.


1) Connect (1) S32V234 USB Micro B port to (2) USB A port on your PC. This allow you to connect to the Linux BSP OS via a terminal program to issue commands and to obtain the IP address.

2) Insert microSDHC card (with U-boot, Linux kernel, devicetree, and root file system loaded*) into (3) the S32V234 SD card slot




3) Connect (1) Ethernet port on S32V234 daughter card to (2) LAN**. This will allow S32DS to communicate with the Linux BSP OS for flashing and GDB debugging.




4) Connect the power supply to (3) S234V234 EVB

5) Turn on the (4) power switch, this will start the Linux BSP OS



*Instructions for preparing the SD card are provided in the VisionSDK document: ..\S32DS_Vision_v2.0\S234DS\s234v234_sdk\docs\vsdk\S32V234-EVB_SetupGuide.pdf or refer to HOWTO: Prepare A SD Card For Linux Boot Of S32V234-EVB Using BSP From VSDK 

**Ensure PC is connected to LAN as well (either hardwired or wireless)

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