HOWTO: S32V234 EVB Linux - DHCP IP address setup

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Turn on EVB and connect to EVB via serial link using putty or any other terminal (115200 baud, 8N1). Login as the root user. Edit network interfaces configuration file by command vi /etc/network/interfaces and modify (press INS key to switch vi editor to edit mode) the file by the way as shown on next screenshot. Set IP address from range of your PC machine network settings. 



The vi /etc/network/interfaces string is cutoff, because the OS acts during typing. The OS-printed line. [    29.817839] random: nonblocking pool is initialized (it varies with each boot). is written automatically by the OS a few seconds after login.  These characters do not make a difference.  Just enter the string as instructed and press Enter.  You will see the screen as follows.



Save new settings by :w command (press ESC key to switch vi editor to command mode) and exit from vi by :q command.


Restart network by command /etc/init.d/networking restart  




Check the IP address by command ifconfig and try ping to your PC machine. 






  • If you can't ping to PC machine and IP address is the same as you requested - check IP address on PC side and cable connection.
  • If the IP address on EVB is different than you requested - check if you commented out the dhcp configuration. You may also try to reboot EVB instead of restarting network only.