Introducing eRPC

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This tutorial is introducing the eRPC (embedded remote procedure call) open-source project.


The eRPC (Embedded Remote Procedure Call) is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system created by NXP. An RPC is a mechanism used to invoke a software routine on a remote system using a simple local function call. The remote system may be any CPU connected by an arbitrary communications channel: a server across a network, another CPU core in a multicore system, and so on. To the client, it is just like calling a function in a library built into the application. The only difference is any latency or unreliability introduced by the communications channel.


Important links: 


The eRPC is supporting multicore and multiprocessor types of applications. 


Where to find eRPC:

  • Multicores examples
  • Multiprocessor examples
    • frdmk22f, frdmk28f, frdmk64f, frdmk66f, frdmk82f, frdmkl25z, frdmkl27z, frdmkl43z - MCUXpresso download page
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