Getting started with LPCOpen: Running the demo applications

Document created by Carlos_Mendoza Employee on Sep 14, 2016
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Hello community!


Attached is a document that explains the steps to use LPCXpresso with the LPCOpen projects for your preferred device and platform.

The steps described in the document were done using the LPC54102 MCU like the one in the LPCXpresso Board for the LPC54100 family of MCUs, but the same principles are applicable to any LPC MCU.


The steps described in this document are valid for the following versions of the software tools:
o    LPCXpresso v8.1.4
o    LPCOpen v3.xx




1. Overview and concepts
   1.1    LPCOpen
      1.1.1 Core driver library
      1.1.2 Middleware
      1.1.3 Examples
      1.1.4 Using LPCOpen with an RTOS
2. Running the demo applications
   2.1 Downloading a LPCOpen package
   2.2 Importing the LPCOpen examples
   2.3 Building and debugging blinky project
Appendix A - References



I hope you can benefit from this post, if you have questions please let me know.


Best Regards!

Carlos Mendoza