Erasing FLASH

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The LPC32x0 boots from SPI FLASH first, NOR FLASH second, and NAND FLASH last. The LPC32x0 will always attempt to boot from the first valid boot source based on a special boto pattern located at the start of the FLASH device.

If you need to erase one of these FLASH boot sources, the procedure below can be used.

Step 1: Download the pre-built boot software and restoration images for the Phytec LPC3250 board from the Resource page.

Step 2: Extract the files on a Windows based PC

Step 3: Connect a serial cable between the Phytec boards' lower serial connector and the PC

Step 4: Start the Serial loader software (LPC3250_Loader.exe) included in the pre-built boot software package.

Step 5: Setup the 'Primary boot (IRAM)' file in the Serial loader to one of the eraser binary image files. To erase NOR FLASH, use the eraser_nor_rvw.bin file. For SPI FLASH, use the eraser_spi_rvw.bin file. For NAND FLASH, use the eraser_sb_nand_rvw.bin file. Verify that the Comport control selection matches the COM part on the PC that is connected to the Phytec board. The example below shows the configuration for erasing NOR FLASH.

NOTE: The pre-built binaries may have slightly different names than those listed in step 5, depending on the tool used to build the binaries. If the binaries were build with GNU instead of Realview, the 'rvw' field in each name will contain the 'gnu' identified instead. Change the file names as necessary for you binaries you have.