LPC32xx Common Driver Library (CDL)

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NXP Semiconductors provides a free Common Driver Library (CDL) software package for use with LPC32xx microcontrollers. This software package provides a generic set of drivers which highlight how specific peripherals and functions work.

This software package also comes bundled with Board Support Packages (BSPs) for the Embedded Artists, Future Designs, and Phytec development boards which feature the NXP LPC3250 microcontroller. The BSPs includes startup code and examples which can be easily built and executed using any of the supported tool chains.

Combined, the LPC32xx CDL and BSPs allow you to jump-start your LPC32xx microcontroller development. This software package is maintained by NXP Semiconductors and is periodically updated with issue fixes or new features.


The free LPC32xx CDL and BSPs from NXP Semiconductors support the following features:

  • Various drivers and header files for the LPC32xx microcontroller
  • Common software for LPC32xx microcontrollers
  • System startup code and various examples for the Embedded Artists, Future Designs, and Phytec LPC3250 development boards
  • Tool-less software deployment options when used with the Stage 1 Loader (S1L)
  • Support for IAR Embedded Workbench, Keil uVision4, ARM Realview 3.x, and GNU CodeSourcery tool chains
  • Free for use with NXP LPC32xx microcontrollers


  • LPC32x0 CDL and BSP Startup Code Documentation



The LPC32xx CDL and BSPs are free to NXP customers for unlimited use with the NXP LPC32xx microcontrollers. By downloading or using the LPC32xx CDL or BSPs, you agree to use it solely with these NXP microcontrollers.

  • LPC32xx CDL and BSPs V2.01
  • Pre-Built Bootloaders for the Embedded Artists Board V2.01
  • Pre-Built Bootloaders for the Future Designs Board V2.01
  • Pre-Built Bootloaders for the Phytec Board V2.01


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This software is provided AS-IS by NXP Semiconductors. NXP Semiconductors does not support or warrant the software contained herein for any purpose other than for informational use.


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