How to customized UI on recovery mode

Document created by G.Y. CHEN Employee on Aug 27, 2014
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Since JB4.3, we have added a customer library in myandroid/devices/fsl/common/recovery to give a chance for customer to customize their UI menu in recovery.img

Be sure you define the TARGET_RECOVERY_UI_LIB to be same as your defined in in myandroid/devices/fsl/common/recovery, as we did in myandroid/devices/fsl/imx6/

TARGET_RECOVERY_UI_LIB := librecovery_ui_imx

Once you defined TARGET_RECOVERY_UI_LIB, myandroid/bootable/recovery will use the one to replace the default ui lib  as the source code myandroid/bootable/recovery/default_device.cpp.

By default, we define below menu as below:

const char* ITEMS[] = { "reboot system now",

  "apply update from ADB",

  "wipe data/factory reset",

  "wipe cache partition",

  NULL };

Below is an example to add a new menu as "apply update from SD Card":

diff --git a/common/recovery/recovery_ui.cpp b/common/recovery/recovery_ui.cpp

index ccf8ccd..9cbd91e 100644

--- a/common/recovery/recovery_ui.cpp

+++ b/common/recovery/recovery_ui.cpp

@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ const char* HEADERS[] = { "Volume up/down to move highlight;",

const char* ITEMS[] = { "reboot system now",

  "apply update from ADB",

+ "apply update from SD Card",

  "wipe data/factory reset",

  "wipe cache partition",

  NULL };

@@ -77,8 +78,9 @@ class ImxDevice : public Device {

switch (menu_position) {

case 0: return REBOOT;

case 1: return APPLY_ADB_SIDELOAD;

- case 2: return WIPE_DATA;

- case 3: return WIPE_CACHE;

+ case 2: return APPLY_EXT;

+ case 3: return WIPE_DATA;

+ case 4: return WIPE_CACHE;

default: return NO_ACTION;




The handle on the menu is defined in function prompt_and_wait(Device* device, int status) in myandroid/bootable/recovery/recovery.cpp. Below is the buildin menu function in recovery.