FRDM-K22F: Debugging with P&E OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware

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This document explains how you can debug the FRDM-K22F board with the P&E OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware and the Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.0.


Applicable to:

  • OpenSDAv2.1 boards (FRDM-K22F for now)
  • Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.0




The FRDM-K22F board (FRDM-K22F|Freedom Development Board|Kinetis|Freescale) comes with OpenSDAv2.1 programmed on it, and has the CMSIS-DAP debug firmware on it by default.

(see 'Technical Details' at the end about the OpenSDA differences)


OpenOCD with CMSIS-DAP for FRDM-K22F is not supported in KDS V1.1.0. Trying to debug the FRDM-K22F board with KDS V1.1.0 and OpenOCD/CMSIS-DAP results in an error in the Console View and is currently not possible, until OpenSDA gets updated (see Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.0: Release Notes and News).


One solution is to use the P&E OpenSDAv2.1 firmware to debug the board.

(Another solution is to use the Segger J-Link OpenSDAv2.1 firmware, see FRDM-K22F: Debugging with Segger J-Link OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware)


Update KDS from P&E Update Web Site

For KDS V1.1.0, you need to install an update throught an Eclipse update. The update is from within the Install New Updates dialog under the Eclipse Help menu.

!!!! Please note that there is a known issue in KDS V1.1.0 which requires  to remove and add a link to P&E's update site in order for installation procedure to work in KDS v1.02. Please see description below:

Issue: The default P&E update site included in KDS v1.02 (PEMicro -  will not allow a user to properly update the P&E plugin on a freshly installed KDS 1.02 layout.
a. Remove the PEMicro - update site from the list of available update sites. Use the menu Help > Perferences > Install/Updates > Available Software Sites and Remove the PEMicro entry:

b. Exit the KDS Eclipse IDE and restart it from the command line with the  -clean parameter. On Windows start Eclipes from the cmd.exe (DOS shell) with the -clean parameter:

c. In Eclipse, add the PEMicro - update site. Use the menu Help > Install New Software and press the Add button:

d) Enter as update Location and press OK:

e) Then update from P&E's website:


Installation of P&E OpenSDA V2.1 Firmware

You need to install the P&E OpenSDAv2.1 firmware on the board, and you only need to do this once (unless you change the firmware again).


  1. Go to and download the OpenSDA Firmware Apps file (zip file) (requires registration at P&E)
  2. Unzip the firmware files to a folder on your harddisk.
  3. Power the board/Plug in the USB cable with the OpenSDA USB port, while having the Reset/SW1 pressed.
  4. The device should enumerate BOOTLOADER: device on your host. You are now in bootloader mode.
  5. Copy the the correct firmware file (DEBUG-FRDM-K22F_Pemicro_v108b_for_OpenSDA_v2.1.bin) to the BOOTLOADER device. Wait a few seconds to complete the operation.
  6. Unplug the board, and now power it normally (without SW1 pressed)
  7. The board should now show up as OpenSDA device, a virtual COM port and as PEMicro OpenSDA Debug Driver:
  8. You are ready to use to debug the FRDM-K22F as if you would use a P&E Multilink :-)


Debugging with P&E OpenSDAv2.1

Create a new debug/launch configuration: Select your project, then use the menu Run > Debug Configurations.

Use the 'new' Icon to create a new configuration for your application and project (Main tab):


In the Debugger tab, specify OpenSDA Embedded Debug as Interface, select the OpenSDA device as Port, and select the K22FN512M12 as device, and make sure 'SWD' is selected:


That's it. Now you can debug your application with P&E OpenSDA V2.1 firmware on the board :-).

You can use the 'Debug' button in the launch configuration:

Or use the debug icon drop-down list:

And then I'm debugging the FRDM-K22 with the P&E OpenSDAv2.1:

Happy Debugging :-)


Technical Details

There are so far three versions of the OpenSDA available:

  1. OpenSDAv1.0: this one is on all the FRDM boards like FRDM-KL25Z, FRDM-KL26Z, FRDM-KL46Z, FRDM-K20, ... (prior FRDM-K64F). The bootloader on these boards is protected and cannot be erased and supports P&E, Segger and CMSIS-DAP debug applications (*.sda).
  2. OpenSDAv2.0: This version was released at FTF 2014 with the FRDM-K64F board. This is an open source bootloader, and the bootloader can be replaced by the user. It supports *.bin files and P&E, Segger and CMSIS-DAP debug applications.
  3. OpenSDAv2.1: This version is released with the FRDM-K22F board. It is the same as

The debug circuit on the board is the same for all OpenSDA versions (Kinetis K20 microcontroller): the difference is what bootloader is programmed on the K20: the bootloader on the OpenSDAv1.0 cannot be erased/changed. The bootloader on OpenSDAv2.x can be erased/changed, and the difference between the OpenSDAv2.0 and v2.1 is the address where the debug application starts: for OpenSDAv2.0 it expects the application at address 0x5000, while OpenSDAv2.1 expects the application to start at address 0x8000.


See also: OpenSDAv2