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CodeWarrior under WIN-7 Virtual XP and real time debugging II

Question asked by Chris Angelopoulos on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by Tom Thompson

I've installed CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers v6.3 under the Virtual XP running on a x64 i7 and Win-7. 

Initally I installed the BDM (USB) inteface driver (V10) under the Virtual XP. CodeWarrior could not talk to the BDM. It reports that the port is undetected. Clicking the Virtual XP "Device Manager" button, the Jungo Windriver is present but not the USB Multilink 2.0 (Rev. B, updated with the latest firmware).

After that, I installed the same driver also under Win 7. Nothing changed. The port was again undetected. Clicking the Windows7 "Device Manager" button, the Jungo Windriver and the USB Multilink 2.0 were both present.

Any suggestions to this problem? I personally think that Freescale should already have Codewarrior run under Win7.