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Creating & initialising a const struct

Question asked by FridgeFreezer on Oct 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by FridgeFreezer

I'm trying to do something which I'm sure is easily done but I can't find the right way of doing it.


I have a structure type in my code something like this:


struct mystruct{    uint8  valid;    uint8  foo;    uint8  bar;    uint16 cats;    uint32 dogs;    uint8 checksum;}



which is then part of a larger structure:


struct everything{  struct otherstruct something;  struct mystruct some_things[NUMBER_OF_THINGS];  ...etc.}

This resides in RAM and the contents are modified by the software.


I would like to be able to "reset" the entire struct to defaults by creating a const like:


const struct mystruct default ={     valid = TRUE;     foo = 0x64;     bar = 10;     cats = 300;     dogs = 9999999;     checksum = 0xFF;}



and then doing a simple one-line copy:

everything->some_things[2] = default;

Rather than having to set each individual value.


I know I can do this:

const struct mystruct default = {TRUE, 0x64, 10, 300, 9999999, 0xFF}

But it's not as readable and requires things to be in the correct order.


I'm sure I'm missing the obvious here, can anyone help?