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Codewarrior 6.3 vs Codewarrior 10.1 compiler

Question asked by Gustavo Denardin on Oct 8, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2011 by Gustavo Denardin

Hi everyone,


Anyone knows why Codewarrior 10.1 compiler for Coldfire V1 generates much bigger code than Codewarrior 6.3 compiler?


I have both projects with the same code and the same optimization level (1 - smaller code size). The code generated by Codewarrior 6.3 is around 46KBytes and the code generated by Codewarrior 10.1 is around 60KBytes


I have attached the MAP files of both projects. You can look at functions and see that code generated by CodeWarrior 10.1 is bigger.