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TWR6-K60N512 IAR Kit: How to build mqx-project from scratch?

Question asked by Matthias Bruns on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by Steve DeLaney

Hi. I like to know how to set up a new projecrt from scratch?

I ve got the IAR Embedded workbench 6.2 licensed and installed

the plugin for TAD. Seem to work fine so far with the example projects.


But now i would like to take the next step, but i'm missing project-presets

for an easy start for an blank mqx-project. Copying one of the "hello" examples

results in a lot off compiler errors. So is there a step by step guide to

do this? Or did i even forgot to install something? I watched the "writing your first mqx application"

webinar and in CW there is a preset-library. Is there a similar library

for IAR Embedded Workbench?


Thanks in advance.