Joe Kissell

S19 vs. HEX

Discussion created by Joe Kissell on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2011 by Mark Butcher

We use CW to create S19 files. Then we have a 3rd party app that converts that S19 file into a HEX file format. This HEX file is then loaded onto external flash. Our bootloader pulls that HEX file from external flash into internal flash on the MCU to update the Application code.


Please help me understand more about this process.

  1. Why would CW provide an S19 file if the MCU is expecting a HEX file?
  2. Does CW have an option to output HEX files?
  3. Could I simply load the S19 file into external flash and then make my bootloader smart enough to convert that into HEX?

Project info:

MCU - MCF51CN128

IDE - CW 10.1