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Installing an MQX driver - i2c

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2011 by Markku Pulsa

The doc set says that the i2c driver if enabled in the user_config.h file, may be installed in the BSP or application code. I can't see how to do either. When I do an install for cw10.1, mqx, 51jm128 as per the doc set and source files using

    _mcf51xx_i2c_polled_install("i2c0:", &_bsp_i2c0_init);

I get compile errors following on the next line of code. The address of the init structure is &_bsp_i2c0_init, and is from the board specific source file init_i2c.c, in that file we can see the structure. I added this to the build but still get errors. I tried moving the structure declaration to the function and get errors in compiling.


At this point we can't even get the app to compile. I have gone through the eeprom demo but that doesn't do it for us. I don't see how to change the structures and we need lower level api access as well for accelerometers and gyros.


I have read through all the doc sets and forums but can't find anything on installing drivers other than general guide lines and references.


Any starting point would be appreciated. Thanks