Carl Norman

Browser crashed during CW10.1 pro download, now no option to re download?

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by Tom Thompson



We just purchased DLA-PRO-NL (CW10.10 windows eclipes pro), we downloaded the file, but the browser crashed. I cannot find anything anywhere to download again, and we really need this to do anything.


Currently I go to, login, then go to :"My Freescale", "Codewarrior Licensing", "DLA-PRO-NL > License options", now, the products I have not downloaded say "Get License" and continue on to allow you to download the actual software, but the product I have downloaded (CW10.10) only has the option "Repair License". The FAQ buttong goes to a blank screen, and the "download license" button just gives me a license. Fingers crossed there is an option to download the software we just bought.



Carl Norman