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Difficulty with SPI interface - MC9S08SG32

Question asked by kalyan kumar on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by kalyan kumar

Hi there,


I am new to Freescale family. Currently I am  facing a problem with interfacing "Intersil HIP9011"(Knock Signal Processing chip) to MC9S08SG32 Microcontroller through SPI. I am using DEMO9S08SH32-SG32 demo board featuring MC9S08SG32 MCU for the purpose. I had gone through a lot of posts related to  SPI on this Forum but could not solve the issue. Finally ended up posting this.


Actually the HIP9011 chip is configured to perform its function by programming 5 configuration bytes through SPI by a microcontroller. In addition to the Chip/slave select (CS/SS) signal, the chip requires INT/HOLD signal also to be held low for programming (the datasheet is attached for reference). I am presently using MCU as the master and the chip as the slave.


The problem is, inspite of pulling the CS and INT/HOLD signal low and loading the SPID register with the data byte, I see no pulses/data on SCK and MOSI lines on the scope indicating there is no clock and hence no data is being transferred. Also the SPTEF flag always remains 1 inspite of loading the data and the SPRF flag goes high immediately indicating a byte shifted from the chip. I have confirmed all the hardware connections.


Request you guys to help me in figuring out what the problem is..


The code and the datasheet of the chip are attached for reference.


Thanks in Advance