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Programming without license

Question asked by Rafael Dazcal on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2011 by Mark Butcher



I have developed a firmware for a CF-V2 on the CW7.2 platform and intend to develop a second one.


But on this second one, it was requested that the support team need to be able to re-program the devices on field if a FW update is required.


Since my code exceeds Freescale's free license limitation, I have bought a floating license to use here in the company.


But on the field that will not be a possibility.


It seems my only option is to provide the support team with a Cyclone MAX stand alone programmer, but that means $900 per support team, which is a LOT.


Isn't there any other option for me? What about CW10? Does it have a higher size limitation than CW7.2 for the CF-V2 family?


Thank you