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Codewarrior registration impossible

Discussion created by Boris Baskevitch on Mar 11, 2011
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four weeks ago I registered my codewarrior licence on the freescale server. The server crashed before generating the licence.dat file. My my product was registered but I had no license.dat.

I opened a ticket (1-716413518). Someboby at Freescale provided me a temporary licence.dat file so I could work for a month until they solve my issue. Now my temporary licence.dat file expired and nobody is taking care of my issue anymore. I tried to send SOS messages in my ticket thread but nobody answer anymore.

I'm stuck in my job and I can't imagine asking my boss to buy a new license just because the licencing process don't work at Freescale.

Please somebody help me !




Here's my original ticket:

I purchased CodeWarrior development suite Pro Perpetual floating license.
I registered the product on the web. I entered the registration code, host ID of my FlexLM server and its disk number.
The Licensing Activation System page appeared and then I had a server not responding failure page from the Freescale server.
Since then I can't get any licence.dat file for my product.
Thanks to help me.


Today my product doesn't appear as registered in MyFreescale, so I can't generate a license anymore.

If I try to re-register the product number, the server tells me that it was already registered.