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GDB can't read core files

Discussion created by Brian Arnold on Mar 9, 2011
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I've got a target with a ColdFire MFC5484 running Linux 2.6.25.  A target application has generated core files we'd like to examine with gdb, offline, on the host system used to build the image.  The host system is a PC running Linux


gdb on the host is m68k-linux-gnu-gdb, version


Invoking this gdb on the host works fine, as does loading the executable (with symbols).  Loading the core file results in gdb complaining that it "can't read core files on this machine".


(gdb) file myExecutable

Reading symbols from /home/blah...blah/myExecutable...done.

(gdb) core-file core.myExecutable.1234

GDB can't read core files on this machine.



Do I need to have all of my libraries and source directories set up in gdb before loading the core file, or is this gdb a version that will only work attached to gdbserver running on a target (and examine the core file on the target only)?  Or is there something else more fundamental I'm missing?  I'd like to be able to examine a core file without being attached to the system that generated the core dump.