Best way to move RAM usage to external SRAM?

Discussion created by Guest on Feb 28, 2011
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I have an MQX system running on an MCF52259 with 1MB of SRAM on the FlexBus. I'm running RTCS, the HTTP server, the shell, Mocana's NanoSSH, and a handfull of my own tasks. My question is this: What's the best way for me to off-load some of the RAM usage from the internal RAM to my external SRAM on the FlexBus? I have the external SRAM working, and I know I can set up a LWmem pool and malloc from that (and I am doing so in my own tasks). However, my task's stacks, and all the native MQX stuff (like RTCS and TCP, and whatever else) is doing a very good job filling up the internal 64K.


Is there a good way to move MQX memory useage to the SRAM instead?