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Dbug12 loading probelm

Discussion created by Nigel Johnson on Jan 10, 2011
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I wonder if anybody can shed any light on my problem...


I have been developing an app using gcc on a windows machine, and using NoICE to load and debug it into my target using a Tech Arts uBDM12SX pod.  So far so good.  NoICE will accept both the .elf and the .s19 files and successfully burn the flash on a 9S12C128.  The S19 file generated is really an S2 file with 24 bit addressing. My target start address is 0xC000 and the address portion of the first line in the S19 file shows that it is using 0x0FC000 as the load address.


I haven't figured out how to load flash using use gdb, but that doesn;t matter since I have loaded flash before using moinicom and doing an ascii transfer with a klow enough baud rate.  So I am trying to get flash propgramm by using FLOAD ;b and sending the file.


Immediately it starts to load, I get an 'address out of range' error from the dbug pod and it will never give me the asterisk or return to the prompt.  When I reset the dbug pod, I see that no memory is written.


I tried converting the S19 file to non-banked format using m6811-elf-objcop and it completely ignores all data, i.e. it won't write top flash, but returns the prompt when finished.


Any help appreciated, this is a hobby project!  I use Codewarrior at work!




Nigel Johnson