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Programming multiple ppages MC9S12DP512

Discussion created by Gilbert Gagne on Dec 1, 2010
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My "goto" telescope built around an MC9S12DP512 programmed in assembly is working just great! The program uses floating point routines from AN974 and occupies 11463 bytes of unpaged memory (ppage $3F) plus 12745 bytes in ppage $22.  The unpaged code loads with the S12Dx512 Boot-loader v1.0.1 and a BDM POD loads ppage $22 with D-Bug12 4.0.b32 using the FLOAD 8000 ;np command. I know how to calculate the FLOAD addresses for other ppages.

However, I am needing to write more code beyond the ~3600 bytes remaining in ppage $22 and am uncertain how to proceed.  The program uses an ORG $C000 for the unpaged Fixed Flash Array (ppage $3F) and ORG $8000 for the code in ppage $22. The last byte of code in ppage $22 must  load in $BFFF.  Anymore code will just overlap the stuff at ORG $C000. The additional proposed code must access global variables and subroutines in ppage $3F and also subroutines in ppage $22. How to calculate an ORG statement for additional ppages of code when the FTS512K4 User Guide says that ppages $20 through $3E must be accessed through the 16K window $8000-$BFFF as I'm doing for ppage $22 ?


My development tool is MGTEK's MiniIDE running on a laptop PC. Downloading to the MC9SDP512 flash is with HyperTerminal.