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S12XF512 - big array is not initialized correctly

Discussion created by Philipp Krumme on Nov 24, 2010
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Hello Everybody,


in the file blubb.c I have defined and initialized an array of structures. The array is called "Msg_List".

 But if I step through my code only the items of the array located below the adress 0x3000 are initialized correctly.

All items in this structure following from adress 0x3000 have values I did not entered in the source code.


I am using banked memory model. And I get no errors on compiling.


Any ideas why this is happening ?


Thanks Philipp



Here is an excerpt from the map file:


  Name                              Module                 Addr          hSize          dSize         Ref Section          RLIB

MODULE:                  -- blubb.c.o --
  Msg_List                                                         2E3F         47C           1148                2                       .data  
  Frame_Config                                               32BB            70             112                1                       .data