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How to develop new bsp in MQX3.6.0 forMCF51AC128A?

Question asked by Li Zhengping on Nov 19, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by Petr MacHala

I am now crazy by MQX! I develop one custom MC51AC128A board ,and want to develop one MQX bsp for my board, I following the MQX user manual and build new bsp libraries. but when I want to use the bsp, I never get it running!

I use m51acdemo bsp as baseline, and modify it to fit my board. In mqx/source/bsp, I create a new directory" NScf51ACR1",which is my board name. then copy all m51acdemo bsp into nscf51acr1 directory, the modify them.

I use cw for mcu V6.3, and rebuild successfully the bsp and psp libraries, then I use the hello example in mqx/examples, modify the "hello_m51acdemo.mcp" to "hello_nscf51acr1.mcp", change the "debug setting->access paths" , add my bsp libraries into project. then build successfully without any errors.

BUT, when I use P&E multilink to dowload the image into internal flash ,a dialog appears, see attachment.

How to create a new application using MQX BSP from scrach?