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CPU hangs up to Cpu_Interrupt when using large structures

Question asked by Joern Katzorke on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by Daniel Lundin



i got a really strange problem...

i am using mc9s12dp512 and cw 5.9 & pe multilink to write an c program


i wrote a routine to check some data and compare it with reference data.

therefore i need the reference data and i collected them in structs like this:


typedef struct TEST
  uint16_t test_number;
  uint8_t from_pin;
  uint8_t to_pin;
  float measurement_voltage;
  uint16_t reference_curve;


my largest test is an array of 41 of these structs.

i got 13 different tests which are compared one after the other.


if i step through that code it works quite fine.

but if i try to let it run on its own without braking then it always

make the codewarrior debugger go into halt state and if i step forward i see that it keeps in the following isr




my question now is if i got problems with the memory blocks because of too large contiguos code or is there anything wrong in my code (could be this, but will be hard to find :smileywink: )?


maybe theres an unwanted jump through some illegal memory operation bringing the code to the isr?

this is the cpu halt isr for breakpoints and debugging, right?