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LL16 debugger problem

Question asked by Tom Hoag on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by stanish

My installed components are CW 6.2 with the LL16 service pack and 6.2.2 patch installed.  However, the CW About box says IDE version 5.9.0 and  the debugger About box says V6.1 build 8127.  I am also using the USBmultilink Interface to my target.


While in debug, my program will run and single step.  But right clicking the code window for enabling break points and run to cursor starts execution, but the MCU does not stop.  I have to hit STOP and then the program stops, but does not stop at the breakpoint or at the run to cusor.  It seems to be ignoring breakpoints although they are highlighted with the red arrow. The halt box is also greyed out (sometimes).


I have not had this problem before using other HCS08 parts.  Not sure what is going on here...


Perhaps I should uninstall all products and re-install CW6.3?


Thank you!