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Can't get Processor Expert or Dev Init tools to work in CW10.0

Question asked by Hernan Gegenschatz on Oct 3, 2010
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I'm trying to use Processor Expert or Device Initialization tools in CW10.0.

Target systems tested separately:

HCS08 in Simulation Mode.

MCF52233DEMO board.


System: Windows XP SP3.


It's kind of strange what's happening. It' seems that PE service can't be loaded in  my PC.

I read PE requirements and installed MSXML 4.0 SP3 and MSXML 6.0, just in case.


Find attached the error message, and PE views windows status, also the Preferences menu that the error sugests. 

PEsrv.exe file exists. It's just a new CW10 installation.


Also, this is PEEclServiceCFG file content:





PE_Eclipse_Server_Start_Param=-server -bind




I've search the forums or the internet but haven't found references to this error.


I can debug the 52233DEMO board without any problems. 


Thank you in advance for any suggestion or advice!.