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can not write to SCI1D to perform SCI

Question asked by farhud hashemian on Sep 21, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2010 by farhud hashemian

For some reason I can not write anything to SCI1D. Here is what I am doing:


1. Configure the Baud rate to 19200.

2. Configure SCI1C1, SCI1C2. 

3. Enable SCI

2. Enable Transmitter

3. Clear SCI Transmitter Empty Bit

4. Write Data to SCI1D


I can see that my ISR is being. I can also see all of this happening by monitoring the appropriate memory addresses in CW EXCEPT memory address 0xFFFF803F which is the SCI1D. Nothing is written into it. It's been bugging for a day now. Would it be a clocking problem?  Does anyone have any suggestions?