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Discussion created by Francois on Sep 15, 2010
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Dear All,


We currently use DZ60.

In several applications, we are interested to replace a NE555 in monostable mode by

a TPM timer of the DZ60. (On our application, when the 555 is triggered, its output generates a

pulse of a pre-defined time, polarity of trigger and output is not important).

I've looked at the TPM but I don't see how to create that with a TMP timer ?

If any one has created that function, I'm interested.

With a 18 MHz MCGCLK, accuracy would be 55 ns and max pulse with could be 3.6 ms

with is ok for us. (With the Renesas R8C we also use, it is possible but the timer is only 8 bits wide)


I've created a project which is a library, it compiles fine and creates a .lib file and a .lst file with the entries

but I've the following error : Can't read symbolics for targer crc.lib

I don't understand what could be wrong ?

In the .lib file, all the complete paths are indicated, is it possible to have only the short names ?


excuse me for my poor english level

with best regards