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SCI  just works on DEBUGGING MODE

Question asked by christian camilo franco frasser on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2010 by christian camilo franco frasser

Hi everyone , and thanks for your time.


Well my problem is that i receive data on SCI on debugging mode perfectly, but when i re-power my target the NF(noise Flag) from SCIS1 sets and i receive a bad data. 


This confuse me a lot cause in debugging mode works ok, but i power off and then on my target and this problem happens. This is how i initialize my SCI:



void init_SCI(void){
           SCIBDL=52;     // 9600 bps para 8MHz            
           SCIC2_RE=1;    // Rx enable
           SCIC2_TE=1;    // Tx enable
           SCIC2_RIE=1;   // interrupt rx enable
           SCIS1;              // clear flag        




I just generate an interrupt when a data is ready on Rx.


This is my Interrupt rutine for Rx:



interrupt 17 void ISR_SCI_RX(void){


           // tilt_led();

                          // Si hay Noise Flag



                PTAD_PTAD1=1;// avisa por led

                SCIS1;   // limipa bandera de NF

                SCID;    // 

                goto out_SCI; 


            } else{ PTAD_PTAD1=0;



            RS232_data=SCID;    // read data      




            while(!SCIS1_TDRE); // wait sent           



            asm NOP;