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L1823 linker error

Question asked by Neil Peers on Aug 29, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Neil Peers

I have successfully written a number of projects using CodeWarrior now and my latest project was working but now I am getting multiple L1823 errors. I understand what the error is and what it means but am at a loss to explain why I am getting the error. For example it looks as though the linker cannot see the mc9s08qe4.h file but it is in the file list, it is in the link order list and it is where the path says it should be. It also seems that the linker cannot see any of my .h files. Given that this project was compiling successfully my suspicion is that I have inadvertently managed to mess up a project setting.

Any suggestions as to how to fix would be gratefully received.


Many thanks