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SH8 or QG8 CLOCK - FEE vs. FBE vs. FBELP

Discussion created by Sander Van Twisk on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by Sander Van Twisk

I've got an application that needs a reasonably fast, and very stable clock to measure the frequency of an incoming square wave up to a few kHz.

I'm not getting a stable reading using the internal clock, so I dug up a couple of crystals: a 2MHZ and a 16MHz crystal and now I'm wondering how to make this work? Can I use the 16M?

The two ICS control registers are very confusing, can anybody explain any of this for me?

In particular: What does the High Gain option do? Do I need high or low frequency range?

It sounds like using anything but FBELP limits my external source to around 4.6MHz to keep a 36kHz FLL...


Any help is appreciated, thanks!