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[FlexRay]_Do I need to do the Conformance Test  for my ECU?

Question asked by yadunandan kasu on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by yadunandan kasu

Dear all,


I'm using MPC5517G in my ECU and my Application is FlexRay based. So, I'm curious about ..


Do I have to do the Data link layer and Physical layer conformance test and get certified from the official conformance test partners or.. the semiconductor vendors like Freescale (for controllers) and NXP does this work..????


If it is the case 2nd case, where the semiconductor vendors get the conformance test certification..then I dont need to do the Conformance test again..? Of-course, I think it is very good to do all those tests by me to confirm my ECU regarding FlexRay areas, but I just wonder is it mandatory for the ECU manufacturer ..? 


thank you