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Code Warrior v7.0 licence

Question asked by Rafael Dazcal on Jun 16, 2010
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I just started to venture in the ColdFire v2 family, and I am working on a MCF52233 DEMO board and Code Warrior 7.0.


I wanted to try out the demonstration programs, but I could not compile, after recieving a notification that I dont have a licence with full functionality, which limits me to 32 files per target.


Ok, I get that. So I tried to start small, with only a "hello world" program. I created a project from scratch using the CW "create new project" wizard. But when I tried to compile it, I got the following message:


Error: Unable to use the plugin "Code Warrior C/C++". It is licenced and a valid licence key was not found.

Feature has expired.


Shouldnt I get e free licence, but limitted in code size for example? Thats how I used to work with ColdWarrior 6.3.


obs: I am usin a Computer in which Code Warrior 10 was previously installed and than uninstalled.


Thank you for your help.