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"Error:  Connect Failed" when erasing flash on M52259DEMO & CW 7.2

Discussion created by Marcelo Nicolet on May 29, 2010
Latest reply on May 31, 2010 by Marcelo Nicolet

Hi there!


This error was getting me mad when I started programming the board, until I learned that at every flash cycle, I must to desconnect the board OSBDM port, wait a few seconds and reconnect it.


But today the trick did not work anymore: after five or six cycles where once and again CW's Flash Programmer reported this condition ( also after a Windows reboot ), I'm giving up and asking you, friends, what's going. Or at least, a good recipe to circunvent this class of annoying things.


Ah, of course, when the error displays, the "Details" button shows a dash line. Very helper data.