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printf("%c".. not working on CW v7.1.2, CF V2 (52259evb)

Discussion created by dane walther on May 18, 2010
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Hello everyone..


Building with codewarrior v7.1.2 for the V2 family, specifically using the MCF52259 chip...


For simplicity, I am redirecting printf(...) to an AsynchroSerial module (AS1).  I am NOT using the internal console, but an external VT100 terminal interface for stdout.


The following code segment:


char UartChar = 'D';printf("%c", UartChar);


does nothing.  Following things through down through the debug process, I come across this snippet within printf_tiny_IO.c (line 460, file revision



#if LIBDEF_PRINTF_CHAR        case 'c': /* char */          c1 = (char)va_arg(args, int);          str = (char *) &c1;          len = 1;          goto string; /*lint !e801 Use of goto is not deprecated */#endif


The line is not compiled into the project (no dots on the left hand side to place debug breakpoints).


I have tried adding the following to the project "C/C++ Preprocessor ---> Prefix Text" box:





But that does not seem to help the way I expect it should-- the code snippet above is STILL ignored, and I can find no higher-level #if condition that is missing..   Am I mis-understanding how to set this parameter in the v7.1.2 codewarrior tool?