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SD Card / SPI Assistance Needed

Question asked by M Heimbach on May 14, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by M Heimbach

Hi, I'm using an  HCS08LG32, running at 3.3V to interface with an SD card via SPI.  CLK frequency is at 4M, which is divided by 12 for the SPI SD card init sequence.  Most of the code is borrowed from that provided with the JM60 USB/SDcard demo.  I get thru the init() sequence most (by not all times) and get an error most of the time in writing the SD card.  I seem to be able to read the SD "most" of the time.  In the rare occasions that a write is successful, I can read back the numbers written.   I have the SW code as an attachment here.

Any suggestions welcome.