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Error: main module not found. "...path....\test.c". Succesful code ...

Discussion created by Sebastian Seelmann on Mar 23, 2010
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im absolute beginner in µC programming, i guess you can easilie help me with this problem.


I got the MC56F8037 Development Kit, with CodeWarrior 5.6.1 included, now the very first program, which is pre installed on the Chips Flash memory works when one plugs in the USB Tab.


Second thing i wanted to try out was, Start a new program, with a  new C-file, which i then can program on my own, i am starting a new Project with the processor expert stationary, which i got recommended for my profejct, so there are all the needed files without the *.c file.


But in the processor expert it is printed, when i double klick it i get the error message:


Error: main module not found. "...path....\test.c". Succesful code generation creates template  of this user module



I dont know what he is trying to tell me, or how i could get rid of this problem.


Thanks for youre Support.

Best wishes.