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MCF5485 Bootrom Vector and code segment placement

Question asked by Patrick Lengel on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2010 by Ken Johnson

I am new to the ColdFire environment and trying to understand the placement of the initial ROM interrupt vector and code space.  I have seen some linker files that seemed to have placed the initial interrupt vector at the address 0xFFE0_0000 which is 2MB prior to the end of addressable space.  I saw another linker file that seemed to place the ROM interrupt vectore table at 0xFF80_0000, 8MB below the end of addressable space.  I have tried searching through the various reference manuals and cannot seem to fine where the CPU will fetch the initial Program Counter from index 0 of the ROM vector table. Can someone please indicate how the CPU determines the address from which it will fetch the initial PC on start-up?


Thank you.