Satya Seelan

Unable to step into/over source in CodeWarrior for MobileGT v9.2 IDE

Discussion created by Satya Seelan on Dec 30, 2009
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We are working on CodeWarrior for MobileGT v9.2. we are facing problem in step into/over after modifying memory in the memory window of the Debugger, i.e. once after modified the content of the target memory on the custom hardware via CodeWarrior IDE we are unable to go to the next instruction, in this situation we observed that

  1. IDE doesn’t hangs
  2. we are able to click the step over/into/out button (no response)
  3. IDE doesn’t get crash & doesn’t creates *.dump files under /../bin directory
  4. re-installation of whole IDE did not help us
  5. But making use of the ”Hardware diagnostics” tool, we are able to read/write into the required memory location


Note: - On very rare occasions (1 out of 50 times) the same process works fine.


Please suggest & revert back if you require any further info from us.


Thanks in Advance!