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Periodic interrupt sequencing using Timer C0, C1 and PWM reload(Timer C2)

Discussion created by Mansukh Sheliya on Nov 4, 2009
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I'm using DSC 56F8346 for single phase motor control.

Development tool - "CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale DSC56800/E Digital Signal Controllers, version 8.2.3".



PWM -Timer C2 -  ADC sync is done using Processor expert.

After doing above configuration using processor expert, I have added Timer C0 as TMRC0_Compare to use it as 1ms timer. But In CPU bean, it shows conflict for "TMR C peripheral clock". It gives error that there is "conflict in required value from beans in the project"

Why this error comes when the timer C0 and C1 added to use as presiodic timer.

This is due to the timer C2 used in sync.

The purpose of using time C0 and C1 is to sync with timerr C2...e.g. PWM reload event, timer C0 interrupt and Timer C1 interrupt can be synchronised to get in sequence.

Main problem is...after adding timer C2 for PWM - ADC sync, Timer C0 and C1 are conflicting in required value from beans in the project for TMR C peripheral clcok. Why?


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