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Telnet  Server implementation

Question asked by Jairo Javier Sanchez on Sep 25, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by Petr Lukas

Hi, i'm doing a project implementing a telnet server, the commands work fine in terminal, but when i try to run the telnet server (telnetd start) it seems that nothing happens, no errors are shown but neither a functional server, also i've noticed that the board (DEMO52259) doesn't reply the ping request, the ping arrives to the board but don't reply it. I've set the vars:

#define RTCSCFG_ENABLE_ICMP      1
#define RTCSCFG_ENABLE_UDP       1

in user_config.h of the propper board folder.




static void Telnetd_shell_fn (pointer dummy)

const RTCS_TASK Telnetd_shell_template = {"Telnet_shell", 8, 2000, Telnetd_shell_fn, NULL};

TELNETSRV_init("Telnet_server", 7, 2000, (RTCS_TASK_PTR) &Telnetd_shell_template );
//Function placed after ENET_DEVICE initialization

 That's the initialization that i wrote, Something is missing?

 The netstat command returns that all the packets received are discarded  because they got an illegal destination.



PS: excuse my misspelling if some.

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