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Question about coldfire V2 interrupt priority

Question asked by Li Zhengping on Sep 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by shuaib ahamed

Hi all!

 I am now developing one mcf52259 board, By reading the reference manual, I got several questions about interrupt priority, hope your help,thanks!

the coldfire v2 core SOC use two stage priority mechanism, first all 63 interrupt source are organized into 7 levels with the level 7 holds highest priority. and within one level, can support up to 9 priorities. but the interrupt source 1~7 is not programmed, they is fixed at corresponding level's midpoint priority. my questions are:

1.  what is the  interrupt source 1~7's interrupt level?

2. if the SOC has two or three interrupt controllers, for example mcf52259 has two INTCs. which INTC has the higher priority? I means that, suppose the following situation: INTC0 's LEVEL 7/Priority 7 and INTC1's level 7 /Priority 7 both has one pending interrupt request,  and both request the coldfire core to acknowledge, then which INTC will be acknowledged by the core ?