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Project Planning-Need Advice

Discussion created by Tyler Thomas on Jul 16, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this particular field so I apologize for the basic questions, go easy on me haha. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic but I was hoping you guys could help me shorten a pretty steep learning curve.


As part of my thesis project I would like to have a microcontroller which would control two air pumps and their speeds, a solenoid purge valve, and a BLDC powered water pump(Laing DDC type). The control I want is pretty simple, the BLDC water pump would be a simple on/off control, purge valve to open periodically, and simple control of the two DC air pumps. My initial questions are these:


1. For an ME student, how difficult is this going to be to pull off programming wise?

2. I've read good things about CodeWarrior, is this the best choice for someone with no      microcontroller experience but experience in C programming? 

3. I've been looking at the Dragon12 board from Wytec, would this be a good choice for this type of project? 


I apologize for the long post and I would appreciate any other thoughts or advice you guys could give me.