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Circuit design error, looking for a workaround

Discussion created by Angelo Dureghello on Jun 22, 2009
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Hello all,


i have developed a little custom board, with a MCF5307, a 16x2MB (word programmable) parallel flash (SST39VF3201B), a 16MegB. SDRAM and some other peripheral.


Anyway, since this is one of my first quite big embedded circuit development, i connected for error the flash memory address bus with A0 -> A0 of the micro, A1->A1, A2->A2 ... instead of A0 to A1, A1->A2 etc.

Running through codewarrior/BDM from internal ram i can read and write it anyway using some C cast + byte swap, like below:



volatile unsigned char* baseaddress = 0xFFC0;

unsigned short test = *(unsigned short*)(baseaddress);

// test then need to be swapped to read the correct value


Anyway, i am quite sure that, even if i program the flash, the MCF5307 will not be able to boot reading from the flash.


The board is just a prototype, but anyway, if someone know of some trick for the boot, this is really appreciated.


Many thanks in advance,



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