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Testing interfaces on iMX31-ADS without boot loader - Board bring up routines

Question asked by Rajendra Waghmare on Jun 18, 2009
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We are developing a board around iMX31, using Freescale iMX31 ADS
board as a reference board.
We are using WINCE 5.0 BSP for iMX31 ADS.

We are writing board bringup routines using iMX31 BSP. We shall be
testing each single
interface(for e.g SPI, UART etc.) on ADS without bootloader module.


My questions is:
1) Is there any standard method of doing so?

We are using ATK tool for downloading to internal RAM of iMX31 using

Till now we have done following:
1) We tried to use existing BOOTLOADER(EBOOT -  C:\WINCE500\PLATFORM
\MX31\SRC\BOOTLOADER\EBOOT) code. Commented out the portion for
library. We are using startup.s assembly file from existing BOOTLOADER
2) We have gone through "How to Develop a Boot Loader" section of