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CodeWarrior - Functions Lib for C

Discussion created by Alireza Bolourchian on Jun 15, 2009
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I have started to work with   AD9S12E128 from Technological Artdevelopment system " "  a couple of days ago.

Actually I need some hints and help for my promptly improvement.

I understand in the CodeWarrior software, there is a file: " that it supposed to be in this link , but it is not exist any more.

I need a Stationery program with all Lib, Drivers andPeripheral files that I can use all the functions in C programming.

For example I want to use the following instructions LIB though such as:

PLL_init()  , lcd_init() , ad0_enable() , ad0conv(char ch#), SPI0_init , RTI_init(), SCI0_int_init(9600),............. .

Does anybody know how can I arrange and program with C lib in mentioned example by mantioned developement boards( 9S12E128).(I didn't find any useful program in Technological Art support link)