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FLEXCAN and Self received frames

Discussion created by Francesco North on Jun 12, 2009
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I am currently using the FlexCAN on an MCF52259. The problem is that I keep receiving what I have sent. I know from reading the manual that if I set the ID of a message  buffer to the ID of the node  to which the message is sent then I shouldn't receive my the message back. However, we are running the DeviceNET protocol over CAN. With DeviceNET the identifier changes according to the type of message being sent to a node and the message id of that message. Therefore, for one node you can have many different identifiers. I do not have enough messages buffers to cover all the permutations for the nodes on our bus.


To me it looks like a I will have to handle this in the CAN driver, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to prevent this. The previous CAN  chip we used (MPC2515) didn't do this i.e. receive frames that it sent.