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MPC5554 EQADC - Single Scan Software Mode . Not working . Please help!!

Question asked by Vishal Nair on Jun 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2009 by Zhenkun Dai

I am developing EQADC driver software for the mpc5554 microcontroller. I am running the EQADC in single scan software mode and have written the program as per the Cook Book available in freescale site.


I am encountering 2 problems :


1. At the same voltage the microcontroller is giving different digital values in the RFIF0 register. I am using only RFIFO0 and CFIFO0 for the ADC scanning and reading result, as per the cook book source code.

2. At Zero Voltage as input I am getting values like 0x2edc etc even though the VRL = 0V.

Due to this problem my application has got stuck as the adc module is not working as expected. Please help!!!


It is very critical for my application.